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soul hope foundation

Who We Are


We started by exploring the local hospitals while taking care of poor kids throughout the year. In 2006, some friends have suggested that we started a foundation to help people who are lacking the necessities of life. And we did. Since then, we’ve had great successes. The quality of life of people who live in the village have been greatly improved. We’ve started a primary school, which we intend to make larger over time. Not only do we pay the school fees for the kids who attend the school, we also provide free books as the  parents in the area of modest means.

Our Approach



— Our Objective

Soul Hope Foundation is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that is working in the Haitian  community to better people’s life and reduce the amount of kids in the streets of Haiti while providing free education for these kids and taking care of the elderlies who would have been abandoned otherwise.

Since we came to existence in May 2006, we’ve been using our resources to better the life of poor people, and we intend to do greater in the foreseeable future. We’re committed to using best practices to ensure our resources are being used carefully and efficiently to achieve a maximum productivity. We work with integrity to make sure our beneficiaries have the best possible outcome. We work hard and innovate when possible to provide the utmost care for our children end elderlies  


— Our History

The foundation is growing accordingly. Now, in addition to taking care of school kids, we are also taking care of elderly people, and people with mental disabilities by providing them access to health care and a nursing home where mental care is provided, focusing on the types of mental illnesses that the people in our care are confronting.


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